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A thorough understanding on Indonesian law and its legal culture

Indonesian legal culture is unique and very challenging. As the largest country in Southeast Asia with stable economic growth and a large population makes Indonesia is a good market for investors. We are here to assist you with legal services. We really understand Indonesian law and its legal culture. In addition, we combine it with our professional commitment to ensure that we provide our clients with consistent high-quality legal services.

Bridge your business interests with legal compliance

We really understand that business always needs legal certainty and efficiency in all aspects. We serve you with a wide range of legal services in order to manage and minimize any legal risk. You may entrust us in arranging legal documents, drafting a business contract, negotiating a legal dispute, or representing you before the court. We always beside you to secure your business legally.

Trustworthy and reliable

We believe that every client is valuable and unique. It ensures that we have to tackle our clients’ issues in the best and effective ways. In handling our clients’ issues, we always keep informing them the progress at any time and fulfil their needs personally. Those efforts make us to be the trustworthy and reliable companion for our clients. We continously committed to work and grow together with our clients.

Delivering seamlessly integrated solutions across borders and practices

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Kurniawan, Jayadi, Dona ( KJD) law firm is an independent law firm provides quality legal services in business law, corporate Law, litigation to civil case and trade and litigation in criminal cases.

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